Rippin' it up at the Kenton Club.

“Garage Americana Powerhouse.”…
“For the past 10 years, Thee Headliners have cultivated a sound and an inter-musician communication all their own. The band remains one of Portland’s best-kept secrets, charging out of the garage with a supersonic, airtight mix of gritty surf, doo-wop, soul, blues, grimy rock, psychobilly and everything in between as axeman Halmfilst growls with a swagger and drummer Hotbox belts out a warbling and soulful siren song.”  – AP KRYZA, Willamette Week

“In an ever-popular male-female duo, Holly lays out the drumbeats and JT plays guitars, in a caustic mix of the various genres they love; this includes rockabilly, punk, surf and Americana…” Maranda Bish – PORTLAND MERCURY

“Imagine if X had leaned more heavily towards the blues instead of country. Then you’ll start to get the idea of Thee Headliners—a bluesed-up punk sound straight from a dark basement rockabilly club where you squeeze 50 people into the space made for 25.”- Benjamin C. Squires, MusicSpectrumReview

“You’re going to need to pace yourself this weekend. But it won’t be easy with Thee Headliners flying full throttle… Portland’s finest, hoarsest practitioners of rockabilly goon-punk, Thee Headliners are too dirty to play smart and too smart to play dirty.”-NL – Portland Mercury

“Holly Morgan and Jeremy Terry sound like a whiskey bar waltz between Johnny Cash and June Carter as they double-fist their vice of heartache while crooning lines like: “You gotta be shit-faced/When you tell me you love me.” ”EM BROWNLOWE – Portland Mercury

“Thee Headliners is pretty perfect music to stomp around in big boots to—a little bit post-punk, a little bit country, a little bit R&B, a little bit psychobilly and a whole lot of rock, they have an infectiously dirty, chaotic sound. ” Ruth Brown – Willamette Week




“This record has more twists and turns than a dang rat maze…like a band trying to cover a mix tape someone gave them in the late ’60s (if tapes were around back then). Rain&Blood is good and if you’re into country-influenced DIY rock…you should pick it up.”(FS) – MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL

“This Portland, Ore., garage-folk hybrid trio shuffles up and down the AM radio dial circa 1965, alternating between slightly dissonant snorts of rock, R&B, and country. Their new sophomore LP, Rain & Blood (Starcleaner), is chock-full of left-field hooks and strange energy.”Greg Beets – AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“the LP dredges up the darkest corners of American music, coming up with something that I could call gothi-blues-abilly… a punk mentality mining the depths of garage, country, and R&B with very blunt instruments, it’s clear how all these different musical genres are intertwined…”NED LANNAMANN – Portland Mercury

“The album kicks the listener upside the head on track one and never lets up…(it) has remarkable continuity and intensity from track to track… The listener feels like they are in the room with the band.”Motor Jeffries –

“…Not surprisingly, the best cuts off Rain & Blood are lively dive bar rock n’ roll. The gruff JT Halmfilst and powerful Holly Hotbox shout it out over a charging riff on “Sketch City” while the organ bounces on girl group-loving “Uplifter ’09” and whirls “Sourpuss” up into a go-going frenzy…the band was first recommended to me, along with Pure Country Gold, at October’s Garagefest while discussing local bands to rival the scene in Memphis…”awmercy – quickcritmusic