Our second full length all original LPCD, RAIN & BLOOD,  was released in March 2009  on Starcleaner Records based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Dylan”Hamburger Chubs”Reilly(Juanita Family, Birds of War, Bison Bison) on harmonica and bass was just what we needed to take us to the next level. It’s also bolstered by the smoking keyboards of our good friend Roach aka Sugar(formerly of the Fireballs of Freedom, Starantula, the Weaklings) and the sweet vocal backups of Miss Lana Rebel(Last of the Juanitas, Juantia Family) and MLE Butler(Juanita Family, Music Arcade). The record was recorded at Great Magnet Recording Concerns by Rob Weston, who also contributed some very soulful howls.